Quick Thoughts on Game 1

Check out the highlights if you missed it

First some quick hits on the Penguins

  • From the pregame ceremony – Mario Lemieux looks in better shape than Phil Kessel. I seriously wonder if Phil ever gets stopped by a rookie security guard when he shows up for practice thinking he’s a fan sneaking into the locker room.
  • Crosby’s best assets are his Hockey IQ and his vision. That guy is going to play until he’s 40+.

Now for the Blues:

  • Great effort out of the gate to get the win. Battled all game against a team that clearly plays the skill game better than the Blues. That’s the way this team is going to succeed.
  • Jake Allen – Despite giving up four goals I actually thought he played well. The first two he never had a chance. He was a little out of position on the last two but that’s what happens against the Penguins powerplay. He had several very timely saves.
  • Brayden Schenn – I think we saw tonight exactly the type of player he is. He’s known as being the ultimate competitor on the ice, trying to toe the line between cheating and gamesmanship.  You saw both sides of that line with his goal and the penalty which nearly cost them the game.  But boy is he a breath of fresh air after three years of Jori Lehtera (by the way – Jori didn’t even dress for Philly last night).
  • Jaden Schwartz – Love the chemistry between him and Schenn but man does Schwartz need to finish. I counted three missed chances including a breakaway.
  • First line – They had an okay night. Tarasenko was very quiet all night but did make a nice pass to Sobotka which set up the Stastny goal.  Tarasenko is much better on the counterattack and I just don’t think that’s Stastny’s game. Sobotka can fit on that line though.
  • Defenseman – Pietrangelo hit the net finally! Awesome game by him. Despite the goal by Parayko, I thought his play was average. Same goes with the rest of the team although Dunn was definitely noticeable out there when he had the puck.
  •  Faceoffs – Blues were 41.2%. Ouch.

 Thanks for reading

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